LOWER PARTS KIT 32 pcs without Trigger Gorup for AR15

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Complete Kit Includes:
AR-15 Ambi Safety Selector Lever -1 pc
AR-15 Safety Spring and Detent pin -1 set
AR-15 Magazine Catch Kit with mag catch, release button, and spring -1 set
AR-15 Bolt Catch Assembly Kit with Plunger, Spring & Roll Pin -1 set
223 308 Buffer Tube Detent Plunger & Retainer Spring -1 set
AR-15 Takedown Pin & Pivot Pin -1 Pcs
AR-15 Takedown/Pivot Pin Detents & Springs -2 sets
AR-15 Hammer & Trigger Pin -1 set AR-15 Hammer Spring -1 pc
AR-15 TriggerSpring -1 pc AR-15 Disconnector & Spring -1 set
AR-15 Aluminum Custom Enhanced Trigger Guard Assembly With 3 Screws -1 set

No Trigger and Hammer included.